Whitening Will Help You Achieve Your Dream Smile

A Take-Home Whitening Consultation Could Be Yours With a Call

  • Brighten dark stops
  • Banish discoloration
  • Restore confidence
  • Custom trays from the comfort of home
  • Improve overall smile aesthetic

What do all the Hollywood stars have in common? A smile lights up the room. With whitening, you too can achieve that celebrity aesthetic. By lightening your teeth multiple shades, you’ll achieve a cleaner, aesthetically pleasing look that aligns with the modern standard of oral health and beauty.

What Creates Stained Teeth?

If you’re struggling with or feel embarrassed by tooth discoloration, don’t worry, we can help you get back on the road to smile success. Tooth discoloration is thanks to many habits or life events, like drinking coffee, wine, aging, pregnancy medications, and some genetic disorders. Chances are most people you know deal with discoloration.

How Do I Combat Discoloration?

Thankfully, there are a few ways we can kick discoloration to the curb. We can help you whiten your teeth at home using a fitted mouth guard and a professional whitening solution. Our kits allow you to achieve a bright white smile from the comfort of home, thanks to personalized trays filled to your unique smile. These trays allow you to lift and lighten stained teeth without the disappointment and danger associated with over-the-counter option. If you’re keen to find the smile of your dreams, contacting the Stuart Smiles team is always the best option.

It is also important to keep in mind no perfect smile lasts forever without the attentive care of our team. Lifestyle factors will play a role in your dazzling look, so if you’re an avid coffee drinking or love a glass of wine, these choices may degrade your treatment quicker – as will smoking. If you have any questions about treatment, or how to stay on top of your whitening journey, make sure to contact us!